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Salutation by President & COO


代表執行役 President 兼 COO Shinya Nojima代表執行役 President 兼 COO Shinya Nojima

The Challenge for Excellence and the Extreme

Founded in 1930, the Fujikin Carp Group began as a wholesaler of piping materials and machinery tools.
However, ever since the foundation of FCG , we have persisted in our drive to defy technology and to surpass its limits.
With "Exceeding the Ultimate in Technology" as one of our core values , Fujikin has not only acquired a reputation as a leading manufacturer os specialized valves in semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace , nuclear power and shipbuilding, but has also become renowned as an R&D-based and venture-type manufacturer of precision valves and ultra-precise electronic flow control systems.
Fujikin is even expanding its horizons into the field of bioengineering.

Our subsidiary, Fujikin Soft Co., Ltd. was founded in order to respond to the paradigm shift in the economy, as symbolized by the highly-sophisticated information society.
In addition to helping expand the applications of technology and the development of microelectronics, such as semiconductors and liquid crystal displays, Fujikin Soft Co., Ltd., is focused on serving everyone who uses ICT and UT with cutting-edge technologies.

From High-tech to Hyper Corporation

We are honored and grateful of our achievements and awards, such as the "CHO" MONOZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award (2011), The Best 10 New Products Awards (1982), the Medal of Honor with Yellow Ribbon (2001), the Prime Ministers Award (2005), The First Annual MONOZUKURI Nippon Grand Award (2005), and 7 consecutive years of "+3" (THREE PLUS) Awards.
In addition to receiving these awards, the Fujikin Carp Group has also been accoladed with the "Technology Award" by the Society of Chemical Engineers (2007) and JSME Excellent Product Award (2008).
However, rather than rest on our heels, we are steadily advancing from being a high-tech corporation to becoming a "hyper-corporation."

Ecology Frontier and Globalization

At the Osaka High-Tech Research and Development Center in the Nanko Technoport area of Osaka, we utilize technological breakthroughs in the areas of micro-machinery, nano- and pico-technology, medical engineering and welfare engineering in our constant drive to develop new products.
This research laboratory is part of our global R&D network. In addition, the staff at the Tsukuba Fujikin Research Plant, founded and located at the site of the 1985 Tsukuba International Science & Technology Exposition, conducts research in the fields of ecology and environmental control equipment to seek breakthroughs in new energy and materials such as fuel cells and CNG.
In all our development work, the company aggressively promotes collaboration with industry, academia and government in response to the flow of a new age.

Fujikin's advanced facilities are located throughout the world: Connecticut, USA, Ireland (EU), Shanghai, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Singapore. Envisioning these centers as international business hubs in our strategic axis enables us to model various business schemes and advance our global network.
In Japan, our eastern and western hubs and other facilities constitute the "Dual Focal" and "Tetra-wing" systems; the network then expands first into the "Asian Square" system and eventually into the "Global Manufacturing Network (Hexagon)." Overall our network constitutes a 2-4-6 Expansion System.

Beyond the Flow of Things

As we continue to nurture our partnerships with government, academia, and industry, evolving from a high-performance component manufacturer into a leading innovator of technology, the Fujikin Carp Group will unfold a grand strategy as the "International Technology-centric Integral Corporation," leading the way toward "security, safety and reassurance" in the 2.5th industrial revolution of the 21st century, as the "Intelligence Integrator".

ながれとともに Beyond the Flow of Things

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