Fujikin Incorporated: Space Rocket valves, nuclear valve, semiconductor valves, specialized valves, research and development of Fluid Dynamics, design, manufacturing sales and services.

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In Asia, carp have historically represented success, and they were highly regarded in ancient China. In Japan, the carp serves as a symbol of vigor and good fortune. Every year, Japanese families celebrate Children's Day by displaying windsocks in the shape of carp.

At Fujikin's inception in 1930, our main business involved trading with China; this provided many opportunities for cultural exchange. Our founding president decided to build a company that reflected the positive values-strength, determination, and success-as represented by traditional Asian beliefs about the carp; hence, Fujikin adopted the carp into its logo. It has since evolved into our distinct Carp trademark.


V is the initial letter of the following words:
valve, victory, vision, vitality, venture,VIP, value, and variety.
These words represent the philosophy behind our business and our company policies.

The letter V also resembles the tapered form of a needle valve's disk.

Rings represent harmony. The two rings depicted in our logo represent our production and sales divisions, which focus on the needs of all the markets we serve.

The shape of a ring also resembles a valve seat.

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