Fujikin Incorporated: Space Rocket valves, nuclear valve, semiconductor valves, specialized valves, research and development of Fluid Dynamics, design, manufacturing sales and services.

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The beacon for an new era, "Ultra and Extreme," the source for technology, the importance is the mind of “ 禅(全) ZEN ”


Technical Magazine「Beyond the Flow of Things」,「New Techno-mart "SO(創)"」Published. Focusing on manufacturing


All Valves lead to "ECO"

Fujikin is a strong supporter of Corporate Social Responisibilty

Outreach CSR is a major role we play. From local to national, from our world and into space, we will expand the circle of enlightenment in the future.

Fujikin Super CalendarFujikin Super Calendar

The Super Calendar that’s full of useful information

グリーンビジネスThe Green Project

Business-Academia Collaboration with Osaka University

eco people.jpeco people.jp

Fujikin Supports "eco exam" and eco people

Newテクノマート「SO(創)」New Techno-mart 「SO(創)」

Intellectual property strategic information magazine - supporting manufacturing in Japan

Other Activities

We participate actively in community foundations and regional development activities and are actively involved as an NPO corporation. We make donations to shrines and major national charities. We are working to enhance benefits.


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