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Privacy Policy

Issue Date:2005 May 21
Revision:2010 April 1

Shinya Nojima,President and COO
Fujikin Incorporated

Fujikin Incorporated (the "Company"),which uses personal information from customers and, as appropriate, personal information pertaining to our employees, has established the following basic policy, to which all employees must comply, and we do hereby declare our effort to continually improve it.

Basic Policy

Fujikin, as a company that designs, produces and sells special control valves, is committed to protecting personal information, including information related to Fujikin’s sales of software, employee information, and information used to performing services, including personal contact in employee recruitment.

  1. The Company will comply with the Code and other laws and regulations regarding the proper handling of personal information.
  2. When collecting personal information, the Company will follow internal rules in regard to gathering information in an appropriate way. In addition, the Company will handle personal information in accordance with consent purposes and will not disclose to third parties without a good reason.
  3. Personal information held by the Company will not be disclosed, changed, deleted, until we determine the truth of your identity when you request for suspension of use, and we will respond in good faith.
  4. The Company will prevent unauthorized access, data leakage, loss, modification, correction of personal information, and in case of any breach will take the necessary measures.
  5. The Company will conduct regular audits on the protection of personal information, review the house rules and how to manage personal information, if necessary, make appropriate continuous improvement.

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