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Information Magazine:New Techno-mart 「創」

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The Information Magazine:New Techno-mart 「創」, currently under production, gears toward aggregating the intellectual resources, aiming to resurrect and advance "Scientific Technological Nation" Japan.
Publication originates from the thought "to aid" the resurrection of Japan as "Scientific Technological Nation" once again putting end to the diminishing technological decline.
Approximately a year was spent initiating the project. Many has approved its significance and support. We thank everyone form our bottom of our hearts.

"Flowing with the 21st Century" --

Information Magazine:New Techno-mart 「創」
will progress with the uniqueness of Fujikin Inc.
We strive to inform with practical information with

”がんばろう!日本 Ganbaro Nippon!”

as slogan, We thank you again for your support and patronage.

2011 April
Fujikin Incorporated CEO: Hiroshi Ogawa
 President and COO: Shinya Nojima

Information Magazine:New Techno-mart 「創」

What is new technology mart information magazine SO(創-creation)

We are aiming to offer an intellectual property strategic information magazine coupled with ICT.Each piece of information comes with a QR code so that readers can confirm the information online using smart phones etc.

Queries with regard to "New Technomart" on the magazine are all offered for free to support creative design and manufacturing in Japan. The magazine is not made to solicit offers for sales of intellectual property rights.
Readers must be the judge of what is the best for them in making the final decision regarding intellectual property.

Although we publish the magazine based on the information from sources that we trust, no warranty is given as to its accuracy and completeness.

Please note that the articles are based on our perspective and prediction at the time of making it, but they are subject to change without notice depending on the situation.
We would appreciate your informing us of any questions, comments or requests you may have with the attached postcard.
Thank you for your assistance in upbringing of the magazine.


Published August 8, 2017
Twenty-Third Issue

Contents: Information Magazine:New Techno-mart 「創」


Information Magazine:New Techno-mart 「創」


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